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Comprehensive protection to prevent malicious software, restore and maintain data security.

banshie defensive services

When you are under attack, every second counts.

Banshie’s incident response team has extensive experience in containing and negating cyber attacks.

Our response aims to neutralize the immediate threat, minimize disruption, and bolster resilience against future incidents.

Attacks can be overwhelming and chaotic. That’s why we guide you through the response, maintaining clear communication and ensuring that stakeholders are informed and involved.

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Why would you need incident response?

According to IBM and the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach in 2022 was $4.35 million. The severity of these breaches can result in significant losses and in some cases complete operational failure. The rapid deployment we offer, minimizes the impact of the breach and prevents further spreading of the compromise. 

Incident response helps protect sensitive customer data, intellectual property, and proprietary information, safeguarding your assets and maintaining customer trust. By preventing and mitigating security incidents at the earliest stage possible, our customers avoid costly data breaches, legal penalties, and the associated recovery expenses while ensuring that customers’ data and privacy are continually safeguarded.

For our security conscious clients, we offer an incident response retainer option. Ensuring quick reaction to threats, as they arise. Enquire below to find out if you could benefit.

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We deploy cutting-edge tools and expert analysts to swiftly detect any unusual or malicious activities within your network.
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Advanced forensics techniques are used to trace the attacker’s steps and determine the extent of the breach.
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Our aim is to curb the threat’s impact and limit its ability to spread, ensuring your organization’s critical assets remain secure.
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We develop a tailored recovery plan, ensuring that business operations return to normal swiftly and securely.
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Our comprehensive cleanup process not only restores your digital environment but also fortifies against future threats.
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To prevent further breaches, proactive defence measures are put in place, safeguarding against potential recurrence.

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Gathering and examining forensic data forms a fundamental part of the incident response procedure. It plays a pivotal role in uncovering the extent of a breach, identifying the tools used, and assessing their capabilities to greater understand ongoing risks. Yet, acquiring digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) data can be a complex undertaking

We provide an E-Discovery Service which simplifies the identification, collection, and preservation of electronic data for legal and compliance purposes. By locating and managing electronic proof, ensuring legal readiness and reducing risks associated with data management, this service supports the incident response process as well as after-the-fact investigations.

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Why would you need Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics enable us to dissect and comprehend the technical aspects of malware, determine the exact actions taken on an asset, ultimately enabling precise identification and mitigation within your environment. We analyze malware, threat actor behavior, origins, and attack methods, unveiling its intricacies.

The combination of digital forensics and malware analysis is a powerful duo that provides the tools and knowledge to not only contain and mitigate threats but also to learn from the experience and enhance your cyber security defences.

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Banshie is focused on uncovering the truth behind security incidents. But how do we do it?


Evidence Collection

Expert and best-practice collection of digital evidence from various sources.



Ensuring the integrity and admissibility of collected evidence



In-depth examination to identify root causes, attack vectors, and impact.



Clues about threat actors’ identity when possible.


Risk Mitigation

Proactive measures to prevent future incidents.


Legal Support

Forensically sound evidence for legal actions and compliance.

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Malware analysis is the process of dissecting and examining malicious software, commonly referred to as “malware,” to understand its behavior, functionality, and characteristics.

The primary goal of malware analysis is to gain insights into how the malware operates, its purpose, and the potential risks it poses. This analysis will help in the development of effective strategies for detecting, mitigating, and preventing malware attacks.

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Why would you need Malware Analysis?

Malware analysis is a pivotal component of incident response, it’s designed to uncover the technical intricacies of malicious software. Its primary objective is paired with digital forensics to give insights and solutions necessary to combat threats and breaches. 

This practical process enables us to understand the malware’s functions, purposes, and potential impact to then prevent recurring breaches. We assess and evaluate specific malware samples, usually inside a contained environment called a sandbox.

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What are the benefits of malware analysis and reverse engineering?


Effective Response

We respond rapidly to security incidents, mitigating threats by gaining insights into the malware’s functionality.


Threat Intelligence

We contribute valuable threat data to help protect your organization and share insights with the broader cybersecurity community.


Recovery Guidance

We guide the recovery process, ensuring the secure restoration of affected systems and data.


Proactive Defense

We help you proactively defend against future threats by leveraging insights gained.

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Incident Response

Incident Response is integral to our core expertise at Banshie. We bring a structured approach to navigate the complexities, ensuring your organisation returns to operations as usual.

Retainer Benefits

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Priority Access

Get priority access to our experts to ensure you hit the ground running.
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Save Time

Have everything in place and able to switch days/hours to hours/minutes.
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Reduced Cost

Benefit from reduced costs related to the time spent and tools used.

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Modern and decisively focused, our services are powered by an elite team of cyber security experts.

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Reach Out

Our mission is to help companies prevent, detect and respond to breaches, and help secure their data. We offer honest, straightforward advice, and guide you to a more secure company.

Reach Out

Our mission is to help companies detect, respond and secure their data. We offer honest, straightforward advice, and guide you to a more secure company.
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