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Proactive threat detection and mitigation.

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Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

A dedicated team committed to your security

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With extensive experience in containing and negating cyber attacks, we deliver the highest level of detection and response services, shielding you from bad actors.

Our Managed Detection and Response service is your ongoing peace of mind for tracking activity, flagging vulnerabilities and preventing exploits being leveraged.

Banshie clients have full confidence that our prepared and on-hand experts are always at the ready to respond swiftly, safely and effectively.

Our Technology Partner

Crowdstrike Falcon

Falcon Insight delivers visibility and in-depth analysis, automatically detecting suspicious activity and ensures stealthy defense.

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Why Do You Need MDR?

MDR detects, blocks, and contains malware, ransomware, and file-less attacks across your network.

We combine the best available Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology from Crowdstrike, with an elite team of security experts, delivering peace of mind.

Attack Surface Monitoring

Detect weaknesses, data breaches, and threats.

Preventing Threats

Attack Surface Monitoring is a form of intelligence monitoring. Scouring both clear web and dark web spaces of the Internet for attack indicators and risks.

With our Attack Surface Monitoring, your organization will be notified about potential breaches, and given intelligence and remediation guidance.

Through continuous monitoring of key attack vectors, we notify you every time information is found that could be used by malicious attackers to attack your employees, partners, or customers.

The service includes flagging any information you have exposed to the Internet, and restricting anything that doesn’t need to be there.

banshie attack surface monitoring
We monitor for the following attack vectors that can be used to target your organization:
Leaked Credentials on Darkweb and Open Source
Unwanted Exposed Ports
Domain Expiration
Common Vulnerability or Exposure
Expired SSL Certificateds
SPF, DMARC and DNSSEC Misconfigurations
IP and Domain Blacklist


Every notification you receive from Banshie will have actionable remediation steps to ensure a fast and easy response to the detection risk.

Every human can make mistakes. Our Attack Surface Monitoring service limits configuration errors that can open up your organization to unwanted attacks.

Other Services

Modern and decisively focused, our services are powered by an elite team of cyber security experts.

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Reach Out

Our mission is to help companies prevent, detect and respond to breaches, and help secure their data. We offer honest, straightforward advice, and guide you to a more secure company.

Reach Out

Our mission is to help companies detect, respond and secure their data. We offer honest, straightforward advice, and guide you to a more secure company.
banshie reach out 1

Under attack?

Under Attack?